Fields Of Grace Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
Sevierville TN         (865) 389-8359

Fields of Grace Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
Sevierville TN

LIMITED TIME SPECIAL~ $100 OFF EACH WHEN PURCHASING 3 OR MORE GOATS!! (Wethers are not eligible for the discount) Cannot combine with other discounts
BUCKS- Buy One Get 2nd Half Off (Many unrelated possibilities)

I am making some very tough cuts in order to get numbers down to 30 max, if you are an ADGA plus herd actively participating in performance programs pretty much any Fields of Grace doe could be purchased and at a discount (up to $150).  Repeat customers will receive their discount of $50 once they have purchased 3 or more goats. Buy One Buck get the 2nd unrelated buck half off. Discounts cannot be combined, 
2020 New Arrivals:  37
Bucks 16
Doe     21

Fields of Grace GL Sapphire- available in Milk  $950 SOLD
CH J-Nels He's a Chipper Boy
Blue Eyed doe $1000 SALE PENDING  Buck available $750
Fields of Grace SG Kandy Kisses- May be available in milk  $1000
Bright Farm Chipazoo
 FEB 10
Twin doelings both available $800 ea (Will retain both if Kisses is sold)
Field Of Grace NR Siciliano   
Bright Farm Chipazoo
FEB 11
Twin Bucks $350 each  BOTH SOLD

Fields of Grace AM I Hope You Dance
Bright Farms Chipazoo
FEB 11
Moonspotted doeling $800
Fields of Grace CB Anastasia 
CH J-Nels He's a Chipper Boy
FEB 12
Twin does 1 retained 1 available $900 
Fields of Grace AmericanBeauty  $800
CH J-Nels He's a Chipper Boy
FEB 14
  Blue Eyed Moonspotted Buck  SOLD $800
Fields of Grace African American
Lil Carolina Kids FR Tacoma
FEB 15
Blue eyed Twin Bucks
1 SALE PENDING/1 available $500
Fields of Grace Princess Mona
Lil Carolina Kids FR Tacoma
Feb 14
Blue eyed doeling $800  Sale Pending
Fields of Grace RR Brown Eyed Girl
Fields of Grace American Made
FEB 25
Twin Does  $800  1 Sold 1 retained nothing available
Cool Springs SB Nala   
Gypsy Moon HTS Lucario
FEB 28
Single doe Retained
Fields of Grace Vamparina
Gypsy Moon HTS Lucario
March 3
 Twin Doelings 1 is available $800
Fields of Grace PT Streaker$800  SALE PENDING
Gypsy Moon HTS Lucario
March 4
Quads~ 3 bucks/1 doe all have wattles ~ ALL SOLD
Fields of Grace DD Avalon- $800
Gypsy Moon HTS Lucario
March 5
Triplets 2 bucks (both available $350) doe with wattles $800
Fields of Grace Snow Kandy
Gypsy Moon HTS Lucario
March 7
Buck/Doe Twins Buck sold Doe available
Olson Acres CRD Princess Fiona
Gypsy Moon HTS Lucario
March 12 
Triplets 2 Does/1 Buck all retained for now
Jasper Pines A Star is Born
Gypsy Moon HTS Lucario
March 12
Blk/white buck $500
Fields of Grace CB Chippette $900
CH J-Nels HM He's a Chipper Boy
April 10
Buck ~ retained
 Gypsy Moon BJ Wild Honey
CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy
April 29
Twin does 1 DOA other retained
Dragonfly IH Lorelei
Fields of Grace American Made
May 6
Triplets 2 Bucks- 1 available 1 retained,
Doe retained Polled/Blue eyes possible
Fields of Grace CB Love Letter
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Alethia HB All Eyes on Her
Fields of Grace GL Zirconia
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  Polled possible
Bright Farms Wine Spritzer   
Fields of Grace Snow Lace
Polled possible
Honey Locust Farm Million$View
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Fields of Grace French Kiss $750
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Fields of Grace PT Fancy Free
Fields of Grace RR Anabella
Fields of Grace FL Muffelatta

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Fields of Grace Nigerian Dwarf Goats Sevierville, TN 37876 (865) 389-8359