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We are currently scheduling private classes, at your convenience and tailored to your needs.  Private classes run approximately 2 hours and are $50 for an individual, $60 per couple and $75 for a family, 7 people or more $100.     Fees can be credited toward a purchase, there is no expiration on the credit.  Email to schedule or call (865) 389-8359.

Goat School

Group Classes

100%of class fees can be applied to your purchase of Fields of Grace Goats

Beginner/Basics Goat Husbandry Class (So you think you want a goat or recently added them to your family/farm?) this class will give you an overview of what is entailed regarding housing, feed, basic health & parasites, hands on maintenance, livestock guardians, breeding and kidding (basics). Includes tour of farm, hands on and classroom & paperback folder that includes overview of class and area to take notes)

Advanced Goat Husbandry More in-depth information covering nutrition and supplements, health and parasites, giving injectable medications, hands on maintenance, breeding and birthing, sales and advertising, understanding the ADGA performance programs, milking/LA/Showing (basics and what to expect) includes folder with class information and area to take notes.

We do offer private sessions that can be tailored to your needs private or for family or group when available throughout the week or evenings. Whether you are considering goats, just starting out or have goats this is an excellent class to gain more knowledge. I can tailor the class to your needs, highly suggest you jot down some questions or areas that you would like to cover during the class. We have lots of different housing areas that you can see and get ideas, we always have hooves to trim and does to milk so ample opportunities to learn and actually do these tasks. Many would like to try the milk to see how it tastes (Nigerian Dwarf milk tastes similar to melted ice cream).

Cold Process Soap Making Classes (not available at this time)~ I have been bitten by the soap making bug and have been making lots of soap this year~ I will be offering soap and body products for purchase in time for Christmas. My favorite soaps are salt bars made with super moisturizing oils and Himalayan or sea salt, all my soaps are made with goat milk. Classes would be hands on making a basic cold processed soap recipe with tips and tricks of the trade and would include a bar to take home. Class would be about 2-3 hrs and classes start at $50 per person discount for multiple people.

Cheese making classes coming (not available at this time) ~ Another passion of mine is cheese making, I am not an expert but do experiment with different techniques several times a week. I have alot of experience making some of the basic cheeses (Chevre, Mozzarella, Ricotta) and will be adding some classes in the future.

Sourdough basics Keeping your starter fed and active, making sourdough breads and discard recipe ideas

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