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Welcome to my lil slice of heaven in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee​

I have a small 5 acre farm with 4 generations now residing here, we raise Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, Standard Poodles, Livestock Guardian Dogs and Chickens.


Starter Herd Discount

$100 Discount off each animal when purchasing 3 or more does or does with a buck. The discount continues to apply on future purchases.


Buy One Get 2nd unrelated Buck Half Off (lower priced buck) allows you to have diverse genetics and not have to replace your buck each year.  Plus they will have a buddy that contributes instead of a wether. This deal does not apply to unregistered bucks and/or wethers.

Performance Herd Discount

$50 off of purchase for each of the ADGA Performance Programs- DHIR, LA and Showing.  Must have a history and proof is required,  Only applies to goats in FOG herd name

Star and Champion Credit

Any Fields of Grace Doe or Buck that earns a milk star or finished Championship status entitles you to a $50 credit towards a future purchase

Deposit policy

A deposit of 50 % down is required to hold a goat.  We do not hold without a deposit and goats are sold to the 1st person that places the deposit. Deposits are not accepted on reservations.  

Deposits can be transferred to other animals available but not refunded. unless the animal becomes unavailable (Death or illness) before leaving my property.  If animals are not picked up within a week of being ready or an agreed upon date a $5 a day ($25 a week) boarding fee will be charged unless the extended stay was previously arranged, We accept Cash app, Zell, Facebook, Messenger and Venmo (No longer accept PayPal) payments for deposits and final payment can be done the same or in CASH.  No Checks on balance when picking up!


I am available after the sale to answer questions and to give advice based on my experience.  However, I am not a vet and everyone should develop a good working relationship with your vet (Hopefully before you get your goats).  Once they leave my care I do not accept any financial responsibility or extend any guarantee-  Lisa :LoCurto


 We Love Bartering

Let me know what you have available!

I would consider trading for an AKC Standard Poodle (with breeding rights and clear through genetic testing)

14-16 ft bumper pull stock trailer, Jacuzzi Spa, miniature livestock, Excellent quality hay/Alfalfa/Chaffhaye, Guns, jewelry, Gold, Silver, Cow/hog or lamb ready for processing (that I can pick up from the processor)-may consider other items of value


We test our herd yearly for CAE and have never had a positive result. Any lumps or bumps are quickly biopsied by our vet (no CL positives) and any deaths are neocropsied to allow me to tell if there is anything health-wise to be concerned about in our herd. It also helps me make decisions in management to improve our herd. I am more than willing to test any animal for anything else a buyer desires, at the buyers expense- if any pre-purchase test ever came back  positive I would reimburse the test expenses and refund any deposit that was made. This has never happened but I always do my best to be fair and honest about my animals and business dealings.



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