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Fields of Grace Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
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We are currently sold out of bucks and wethers but will have new arrivals over the next few months starting in December
Buy One Get Half off the 2nd boy! We have lots of unrelated to choose from and it will prevent you from "breeding yourself into a corner"  and not being able to use your buck on the offspring.  Why waste money feeding a wether when you can have another buck to breed those kids to and the boys are soooo much happier with a buddy! BOGO deal only good on bucks sold with registration papers does not apply to bucks sold without papers or wethers

            BUCKS FOR SALE

Fields of Grace American Silver      DOB  10/14/2019     SALE PENDING $500

Silver buckskin linebred on SGCH J-Nels ER Dumplin 2*M VEEE90 who to me is among the best Nigerian Dwarfs does of all time.  She was 2011 ADGA National Reserve Grand Champion senior doe and has consistently produced Champions (9 so far) no matter what buck she was paired with.  I have owned 2 sons and a daughter and tons of grand-kids, most of my herd goes back to her at some point.  Dumplin daughter SGCH J-Nels LY Spatzal 3*M was 2015 ADGA National Reserve Grand Champion and Res Best Udder
Ivanka his dam is a young doe 2nd freshener with an awesome udder and I expect her to continue to improve, she is one of the best I have ever bred.  Her sire is a full brother to GCH Chenango-Hills Lysander EEV who is also a very consistent sire that was used heavily by the J-Nels herd.  He sired 9 GCH's to date. 
CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy is the grandsire on both sides and I have retained 3 Chipper sons this year (and several over the years~ American Made is my favorite) and most of his daughters from the last 2 years.  His littermate sister SGCH J-Nels HM Kookie Doe was 2013 1st place 3 yr old senior doe at the ADGA National Show and again 1st place in the 2014 Nationals as a 4 yr old.
Chipper is getting up in years and this may be the last year he sires kids (he will be 10 next April). He has consistently produced high preforming daughters, many will continue to excel likely long after my sweet boy is gone..

SIRE Fields of Grace American Made
SSIRE  CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy 2017 LA EVE 90

SSS: Split Creek Hummer H3X 

(Doublegate WHFB Austin  X  MCH Split Creek Sierra)

SSD  SGCH J-Nels ER Dumplin 2*M VEEE 90

2012 National Reserve Champion Senior Doe

(Caesars Villa LV Eric  X  MCH J-Nels BB Dimples 1*M VVEV88)

SDam  SG Olson Acre Bit O Honey  2013 LA VEEE 90

SDS: Pecan Hollow L Draco

( Little Rascals Lestat  X  CH/PGCH/MCH Litle Rascals Ballerina *D)

SDD: GCH Olson Acres Lamb Chop *M VVVV88

( Irish Whisper Tom Cruz  X  Oak Hollow Acres MC Nyguai )

DAM  Fields of Grace CB Ivanka

SSIRE  CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy 2017 LA EVE 90

SSS: Split Creek Hummer H3X 

(Doublegate WHFB Austin  X  MCH Split Creek Sierra)

SSD  SGCH J-Nels ER Dumplin 2*M VEEE 90

2012 National Reserve Champion Senior Doe

(Caesars Villa LV Eric  X  MCH J-Nels BB Dimples 1*M VVEV88)

DDAM  Sugar Moon BL Sibony
DS  Chenango-Hills TRX Bombay aloo+*B
(GCH Rosasharn BB Tom Bombadil ++*B   X  GCH Chenago-Hills Bouncy Trixie 5*M/6*D 06-04 89 V+EE)
DD  NC Promiseland RB Rumba
(SG NC Promiseland Ram-Beau +*B X  SGCH NC Promisedland Pal Macarana 5*M- 1st place, 1st udder at 2 ADGA National Shows as a 2 year old and as a 4 year old)

Fields of Grace CB Charleston       DOB  11/27/2014        $550   

Charleston is a very handsome fella, excellent bloodlines, well within height and easy to handle.  He has been shown and placed 1st in his class as a 2 (due to life circumstances I did not show any bucks the last 2 years) and definitely as show prospect.
The only reason he is available is due to down sizing and I have retained several more Chipper sons~ will give a discount and priority to herds that participate in milk testing, LA and /or showing.  I will not be upset if he remains here but at least I made an attempt to downsize lol...
SIRE  CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy 2017 LA EVE 90

SS: Split Creek Hummer H3X 

SSS Doublegate WHFB Austin

(Woodhaven Farms Bentley Hotwing X SGCH New Horizon's Moriah)

SSD MCH Split Creek Sierra

(Wildwood Dakota X Wildwood Savannah)

SD  SGCH J-Nels ER Dumplin 1*M  EEEE90

SDS: Caesars Villa LV Eric*S

(Caesars Villa Felicia's Levi+S X Caesar's Villa Pons Ebony 7*D)

SDD: CH J-Nels BB Dimples

(Caesars Villa GL Bad Boy X Caesar's Villa STS Darci)

DAM  Rosasharn SP Carolina Wren 4*M VEEV89 (as a 9 yr old)

DSire  Rosasharn SW Sapporo EEE91

(Doe-Sy-Doe FS Storm Warning  X  3*M ARMCH Rosasharn's Unagi 3*D'E')

DDam Rosasharn P Pennsylvania 3*M 4*D

(Doe-Sy-Doe's Patte'n  X  Rosasharn Tom's Bit-A-Lilly 3*D)

Fields of Grace Joseph              DOB 12/21/2011               $300.

Joseph is a buck born here and I jumped at the opportunity to trade back for when my customer was needing new bloodlines.   His Sire Hummer is the Sire of CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy EVE90 (see the buck page) and SGCH J-Nels HM Kookie Doe EEEE 91 that I had the privilage of owning but lost him to a freak accident.  Unfortunitely I have not had the chance to use Joseph since I tend to use the other boys alot.   He is getting older but he very hardy and healthy and he should have at least a year or two left of fertility (based on my experience) and would be a great asset to someone that could use him.  He is priced accordingly
I picked him up on the way to a show in GA, he was not handled at all but I shaved him and showed him that weekend.   He walks well on a lead and is easy to handle once you have your hands on him but can be a butt-head to catch.
He can be purchased with Charleston for half price which would be a great deal for someone!

Sire: Split Creek Hummer H3X 

Sire's Sire: Doublegate WHFB Austin

(Woodhaven Farms Bentley Hotwing X SGCH New Horizon's Moriah)

Sire's Dam: MCH Split Creek Sierra

(Wildwood Dakota X Wildwood Savannah)

DAM  J-Nels SQ Dora

DSire  Rosasharn SS Sequoia +B

(Rosasharn TL Summer Sol +*S X ARMCH Rosasharn UMT Sassafras 5*DE )

DDam J-Nels Delight  ER Delight

( Caesars Villa LV Eric +B  X  J-Nels BB Divinity )
 New Arrivals coming in August
Starter herd discount: Purchase 3 or more (wethers not included) receive $50 off each animal and half off 2nd buck (we usually have plenty of unrelated animals available) you will continue to receive the $50 off any future purchases.

** Many of our bucks our sold as wethers (males to be neutered) we don't recommend wethering until bucks have fully developed there urinary tract 6 months or older  we offer wethers $150 each or 2 for $250 they won't smell nor have the doe attitude and make the best pets

** $50 Discount available on any goats carrying the Fields Of Grace name for buyers that are actively participating in DHIR/LA/Showing (for each and requires proof) discount will be reduced to $25 ea when combined with Starter Herd discount

**Also a future rebate of $50 is given on any Fields Of Grace goats that receive a milking star or finished Champion status.

No holds, a deposit of half down will constitute Sale Pending status please understand that we are usually getting inquires by numerous parties and are happy to answer any questions but that does not mean we are holding the animal till you make your decision.  We are not responsible for any animals sold, once accepted by the buyer.  We will however be available to assist you by phone, text or email as any care or health issues come up through your life of raising happy healthy goats.

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