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I am in the process of making large cuts to numbers for winter. Many adults are listed on the regular Buck and Doe pages.

2018 Breeding Plans

2018 Arrivals = 146

Fields of Grace 2018 Arrivals= 126 73 doe 54 buck

Bright Herd = 19 9 doe 10 buck

The majority of breedings are pasture bred and I will be adding them to the list when I witness them taking place. Others will be listed as the does are uddering up and will be added as we move them to kidding pens.


We accept reservations on particular breedings or for a particular animal that you are interested in~ no money is accepted till kids are born and we decide what we are retaining. We keep a list of those interested and they have first option to purchase those animals. There is no obligation and even if there is a list there is always a chance that those interested may have already purchased something else or even their situations have changed so all inquires are welcome.


Starter herd discount Purchase 3 or more does/bucks and you receive a discount of $50 off each animal (does not include the buy one get one half off buck special). This discount is good forever you will get $50 off any future purchases as well.

We do offer a discount (only on Fields of Grace animals) to herds participating in ADGA performance programs to qualify you have to have been been on DHIR milk test for at least a year and participating this year as well $59 discount. Linear Appraisal again in order to qualify you would need to have participated at least 1 out of the last 3 years $50 discount. Show home, we must be able to see some evidence of showing on your website (canceled checks etc,,, ) to qualify for the $50 discount. We also will give a $50 credit toward a future purchase if you earn a permant Champion status or milk star on any animal in our herd name.

We do sometimes accept trades and love bartering and at the moment are interested in trading for Hay, Alfalfa or Chaffhaye, Registered Mini Aussie puppy, Bombproof Mini horse or pony, Pony cart, Whole/Side of Lamb, hog or cow meat or some live animals.



Due Date

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