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Fields Of Grace Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
Sevierville TN         (865) 389-8359

Fields of Grace Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
Sevierville TN

I am in the process of making large cuts to numbers for winter. Many adults are listed on the regular Buck and Doe pages.

2018 Breeding Plans

2018 Arrivals =   119
Fields of Grace 2018 Arrivals=  100   61 doe    39 buck
Bright Herd =  19  9 doe  10 buck

The majority of breedings are pasture bred and I will be adding them to the list when I witness them taking place. Others will be listed as the does are uddering up and will be added as we move them to kidding pens.


We accept reservations on particular breedings or for a particular animal that you are interested in~ no money is accepted till kids are born and we decide what we are retaining.  We keep a list of those interested and they have first option to purchase those animals.  There is no obligation and even if there is a list there is always a chance that those interested may have already purchased something else or even their situations have changed so all inquires are welcome.
Starter herd discount Purchase 3 or more does/bucks and you receive a discount of $50 off each animal (does not include the buy one get one half off buck special).  This discount is good forever you will get $50 off any future purchases as well.
We do offer a discount (only on Fields of Grace animals) to herds participating in ADGA performance programs to qualify you have to have been been on DHIR milk test for at least a year and participating this year as well $59 discount.  Linear Appraisal again in order to qualify you would need to have participated at least 1 out of the last 3 years $50 discount. Show home, we must be able to see some evidence of showing on your website (canceled checks etc,,, ) to qualify for the $50 discount.  We also will give a $50 credit toward a future purchase if you earn a permant Champion status or milk star on any animal in our herd name.

We do sometimes accept trades and love bartering and at the moment are interested in trading for Hay, Alfalfa or Chaffhaye, Registered Mini Aussie puppy,  Bombproof Mini horse or pony, Pony cart,  Whole/Side of Lamb, hog or cow meat or some live animals.



Due Date

Fields of Grace American Made VVV85 (@15 mo old) Blue eyed/polled was exposed to several does 
 Dec 22- Jan 15
March 9th - May
Flat Rocks Gem Legacy++B VEE88 Shoul have kids arriving (he is 10 yrs old fingers crossed)will be added once kids arrive
 After JAN 14-Feb 28
Sadly Looks like Gem is likely sterile.

CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy EVE90  was exposed to several does.
Jan 10-18
Feb 15- present the rest of Bright Farms herd with some of our does
CH J-Nels LY Zoolander VEE89 was exposed to several of the Bright Farm does prior to arrriving to TN.
He was exposed to our does
Till Feb 15

March 6-10 and May 19-April 14
(Due dates through Sep 12th)
CH Fields of Grace Snowball
March 20-July 2
Due Dates 8/4- 11/24

J-Nels Robert Redford
Due Dec 10- 23
 Fields of Grace SG Ariat  SOLD
American Made
Jan 1st Buck/Doe polled twins Buck polled Available $450 SOLD  Doe $700 SOLD
Fields of Grace FL Muffaletta
American Made
Jan 2 Single blue eyed doeling $850  SOLD 
Algedi Farm RB Althena 1*M 
Fields of Grace American Made or Chenango-Hills Lunas Brigadier *B
Jan 2 DNA being done Triplets 2 bucks/1 doe retained ~ Bucks sold
Fields of Grace SG Monet 
 American Made
Jan 2 Triplets 2 does/1 buck $400 SOLD/ 1 doe Sold 
J-Nels DH Lacey
American Made
Jan 3 Single doe retained
Fields of Grace Z Jubilee $800 SOLD
American Made
Jan 3 Heavily moonspotted buck $500  SOLD  Chamoise doe $800 SOLD
J-Nels SM Sweet Dreams
 CH J-Nels LY Zoolander
Jan 21 Buck/doe twins
 Bright Farms Little Bit Sweet
 CH J-Nels LY Zoolander
Feb 3 Twin Does 1 retained 1 DOA Nothing available
Bright Farms Mini Me
J-Nels Robert Redford
Feb 26  Single Doe $800 SALE PENDING
Fields of Grace GM Sapphire
CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy
Twin does blue eyed doeling, moonspotted
doeling sold
Bright Farms Zooboo
CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy
March 1st Twins  Buck /Doe SALE PENDING
 Fields of Grace Embers Fire
CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy 
March1 Single doe retained Nothing Available
Olson Acres Princess Fiona
CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy
March 1 Twin does 1 Sale Pending other retained 
 Fields of Grace SM Hot Topic SOLD
 CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy
March 2 Twin does 1 sold one available $800 each Sale Pending Nothing available
Fields of Grace Z Gold Dust  Sale Pending
CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy
March 6 Twin Buck $400/Doe Sale Pending $800
  Dragonfly IH Lorelei
Fields of Grace American Made
March 10 Twin blue eyed does 1 retained 1 available $900
The On Firestone Creek A-Kae-A SOLD
Fields of Grace American Made
March 14 triplets the Blue eyed/Polled buck available $750
Honey Locust Million$View
Fields of Grace American Made
March 16 blue eyed doe  $800 Sale Pending /2 bucks both blue eyed 1 polled SOLD
Fields of Grace CB Tiki Torch $800
 Fields of Grace American Made
March 15 Twin Does One blue eyed/polled doe available
Fields of Grace GP Maile  SOLD $800
 Fields of Grace American Made
March 16 Buck/Doe twins doe retained for now buck sale pending   Nothing Available
Wooly Dog Down Helianthus
 Fields of Grace American Made
March 18 single blue eyed white doe $800
Flat Rock's Jeopardy's Hope 1*M $900  SOLD
Fields of Grace American Made
March 18 Twin Blue eyed does  $850 ea  BOTH RETAINED
Cool Springs Farm E Milky Way (Snubian) $500
 Fields of Grace American Made
March 22 Twin Mini Snubian bucks $150 ea $250 for both  Both can be purchased with Milky way $700
Flat Rocks China Doll $800 SOLD
 Fields of Grace American Made
March 20  Twin Bucks both Sale Pending 
Fields of Grace Kandy Kisses
 Fields of Grace American Made
March 20 Triplets 2 bucks (both polled $350 ea/ doe Sale Pending
Fields pf Grace French Kiss $800
 Fields of Grace American Made
March 20 Triplets 2 bucks (1 sold/ blue eyed polled buck $400 /1 doe SOLD
J-Nels SQ Dora
 Fields of Grace American Made
March 22  Twin does blue eyed black $800/Polled both Sale Pending
Fields of Grace Afican Queen $800  SOLD
Fields of Grace American Made
March 22 Twin does both sold
 Little Tots Estate Clarabelle 3*M
CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy
March 21 Twin bucks
Fields of Grace LL Lapis Blue $800  SOLD
Fields of Grace American Made
March 24 Twins 1 SOLD 1 blue eyed doe SOLD
 Fields of Grace SG Geisha Girl
Fields of Grace American Made
March 26 Triplets 1 doe Sold 1 blue eyed/polled doe SOLD and blue eyed buck/ Polled $500
 Fields of Grace FL Chocolatta SOLD
Fields of Grace Joseph
March 26 Twin bucks reserved (wethers)
Fields of Grace Z Tansanite SOLD
Fields of Grace American Made
March 27 Twins buck SOLD/Blue eyed doe $800
Fields of Grace DD Valentine
 Fields of Grace American Made
March 27 Twin bucks reserved wethers
ARMCH/GCH/PGCH Olson Acres TOO Fancy 1*M
CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy
March 28 Twin bucks one DOA the other is retained
 Fields of Grace SG Felicity
Fields of Grace American Made
 March 28 Twin Does available $800/ Both SOLD
Fields of Grace AM Vamparina
FIelds of Grace Joseph
Twin does Both Sold
Fields of Grace CB Happy Tunes
Fields of Grace Swash Buckling
April 5 Single doe $700 SOLD
Flat Rocks Voodoo Flame SOLD
J-Nels GP Freelance
April 5  Twins blue eyed/polled  Buck SOLD/Polled Doe SOLD  
 Bright Farms Snickerdoodle
CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy
 April 7 Twin Moonspotted Doe $800 Gold/White Sale Pending
Fields of Grace SG Star Gazer
Fields of Grace American Made
April 8 Triplets buck $400 SOLD/2 Does Both SOLD
Fields of Grace Looney Tunes
Fields of Grace American Made
April 10 Triplets 2 Buck $400 /doe $800 
 Bright Farms Paris Lace
CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy
April 13 Single buck
SGCH J-Nels SM Dimplin 2*M
CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy
April 19 Twins buck/doe both retained
CH J-Nels GP Zita
CH J-Nels HM Chipper Boy
April 20 Twin bucks Available
 J-Nels L Splash N Bubbles
CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy
April 23 1 Doe/3 Bucks~ 2 bucks available 
 J-Nels WT Kookie Monster
CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy
April 25 Twin bucks available  
 J-Nels LY Summer Delight
CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy
April 27 Twin does
Fields of Grace Spicy Mustard
CH J-Nels LY Zoolander
May 22 Twin bucks SOLD
Fields of Grace La Luna Sangre  SOLD
CH J-Nels LY Zoolander
June 5 Twin Buck/doe SOLD
Fields of Grace FL Madonna
CH J-Nels LY Zoolander
June 6 Single Buck $450
Fields of Grace GP Amora SOLD
CH J-Nels LY Zoolander
Fields of Grace SB Snow Fire  $800
CH J-Nels LY Zoolander
June 15  Single Buck $400
Fields of Grace Montana
CH J-Nels LY Zoolander
Blue eyes/polled possible
J-Nels L Spritzle
CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy
June 24 twins Doe retained
Fields of Grace CB Ivanka  
CH Fields of Grace Snowball
Oct 8 Twin Does
1 Available $850
Algedi Farm RB Althena 1*M
CH Fields of Grace Snowball
Oct 8 Twin Bucks ($750 ea) 1 blue eyed
may be polled
Fields of Grace SG Monet  $650
CH Fields of Grace Snowball
OCT 14  Triplets 2 blue eyed does $800 ea /1 buck $350 or $150 wether  Monet can be purchased with her buckling as a wether  $700 With reg $800
J-Nels DH Lacey
CH Fields of Grace Snowball
Oct 29 Single Doe Retained
Fields of Grace PT Irish Tunes
CH Fields of Grace Snowball
Nov 6 Single doe~ Hard choice betweenTunes or her daughter $800 each will retain the other
Fields of Grace SG Star Gazer $800
CH Fields of Grace Snowball 
Nov 9 Buck and doe twins Buck $350/Doe $700 Star can be purchased with buck(w/out papers $850) with papers for $950
Fields of Grace FL Muffelleta
CH Fields of Grace Snowball
Fields of Grace Karmel Kandy
 CH Fields of Grace Snowball

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Fields of Grace Nigerian Dwarf Goats Sevierville, TN 37876 (865) 389-8359 MyNigerianDwarfs@yahoo.com