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I2018 ADGA Shows

~Legendary Goat Breeders First Annual 4 Ring Spring Show

Winston Salem, NC

~Smoky Mtn Dairy Goat Show May 19 2018

Knoxville TN

~South Eastern Spring Fling Dairy Goat Show May 26 & 27 2018

Lebanon TN

~Evan Evans Spring Spectacular June 1-3 2018

Shelby NC

Classes for 2018 ~ Through the Spring we are offering private classes do to goat shows

Contact me on availability classes fill up fast! We will be listing group class dates as they are set

~Goat Husbandry (for beginners and those considering goat ownership)

~Advanced Goat ownership (medications/wormers/kidding/home milking)

~Performance Programs (Milking, DHIR, Appraisal and Show) Where to start and what to expect

2016 Spring Show Schedule (Highlights wins listed)

Carrolton Classic Carrolton GA April 21 & 22nd:

CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy won CH Challenge/ Best of Breed ring 1 & 2, Buttin' Heads Stapal Gun was 1st in ring 1 & 3rd ring 2,

SMDGA Spring Show Knoxville TN May 21st

CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy CH Challenge /Best in Breed ring one and CH Challenge /Best in Breed/Best Buck In Show ring 2!

Evin Evans Annual Spring Show Shelby NC June 2nd-4th

CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy CH Challenge/Best of Breed ring 1

Fields Of Grace Hondo Grand Champion /Best of Breed ring 4

Fentress County Fair Jamestown Aug 13

Fields of Grace Chocolatta 1st in age group juniors

Aged does Jasper Pines A Star is Born 1st J-Nels GP Kandi Kane 2nd

Olson Acres BBS Princess Fiona Res Grand in Senior does

Carrollton Fundraiser Sept 2-4

Olson Acres BBS Princess Fiona JR Grand Champion (dry leg)

Jasper Pines A Star Is Born 3 Xs 1st, 2xs Senior Res Grand Champion

Buttin'Heads Stapal Gun 3 xs 1st, 2xs Reserve Grand Champion Buck

Fields of Grace American Made 4 xs 1st

Alethia ET Digeridoo 2xs 1st

2017 Highlights

Bang For Your Buck New Years Bash Dec 31/Jan1 Carrollton GA

Fields of Grace American Made 2 X1st, 1 X Res Grand Champion (Greg Murphy), Wooly Dog Down Free ASA Breeze 1 X 1st 2x 2nd, Alethia Farm ET Digeridoo 1 X1st, 2X 2nd, Fields of Grace Snowball 2xs 1st, 2xs 2nd, Wooly Dog Down Gem Legacy 4xs 1st 1 x Res Grand Champion (Karen Smit

SMDG Knoville Spring Show May 20 2017 Fields of Grace Ember's Fire 3xs 1 place Senior kid, 2 xs Res Grand Jr doe, 1 X Grand CH Jr Doe and Best in Show, Fields of Grace SG Looney Tunes 1x 1st dry yearling, Fields of Grace CB Charleston 1st 2xs, 1x 2nd, Fields of Grace American Made 2x 1st place 1X Reserve Grand CH Buck, CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy Best of Breed/Champion Challange under Jean Lucas

ADGA Convention Fundraiser Carrollton GA Aug 12/13 2017 Fields of Grace CB Sheeba was 1st place 2x, 2nd 2x Grand Champion ring 2, Fields of Grace CB Happy Tunes was 2nd 2xs, 3rd 2 xs, Fields of Grace Snowball was 1st place 3x 2nd 1x Grand Champion in Ring 1 and 3 where he also went Best Buck in Show. Fields of Grace American Made was 1st 1x, 2nd 2xs, 3 x 1, Fields of Grace Joseph was 2nd 2xs, Chenango Hills Lunas Brigidier 2xs 1st, 2xs 2nd Reserve Grand Champion in ring 2 and 4,

TN Valley Fair Sept 16 & 17 2017

The only 2 senior does I took Flat Rocks China Doll & The On Firestone Creek A-Kae-A were 2nd in their classes (behind finished Champions). Fields of Grace PT Fancy Free, Fields of Grace FL Madonna (also Res Grand Champion Jr Doe) and Fields of Grace FL Chocolotta were 1st in their classes. Fields of Grace FL Frosted Latte, Gypsy Moon SM Zi'an and Fields of Grace CB Happy Tunes were 2nd in their classes. We had 1st place Get of Sire (J-Nels GP Freelance) and 2nd place Best 3 Juniors judge was Lynn Benedict

I canceled all of our spring shows after my boyfriend passed away unexpectedly in May and we only attended 1 show in 2018

TN Valley Fair Sept 22 & 23, 2018

Only took 5 junior does and was very pleased and surprised that my girls did so well with very stiff competition (3 herds that did well at 2018 ADGA Nationals)

Fields of Grace PT Carmel Kandy was Grand Champion Jr doe and 1st in her class of Sr Yearlings, Fields of Grace African American was 1st in her class Senior Kids.

My grandson Cypress was excited to have Reserve Grand Champion Senior Toggenburg in his first show with Lemon! 

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