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Welcome to my little piece of heaven in the East Tennessee Great Smokey Mountains. I have a small 5 acre farm and raise AQHA and APHA horses, Nigerian Dwarf Goats and co-habitat with a Jack Russell Terrier, a Great Pyrenees and two Anatolian Shepherd mix working dogs that were born in with goats and now live with mine :) 

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a goat .  After I did quite a bit of research I knew these little dwarfs were the goats for me!  I love the small size yet high yield of milk and the easy going affectionate disposition.   They are like a dog without the bark!   Of course the lovely colors and blue eyes are a pleasant plus.

I learned quickly that you must have more than one, they will be very unhappy alone and can even die!  Well, that just gave me justification to start a little herd!  My intentions are to create a small breeding program that will result in great milk production, healthy and hardy kids with correct conformation.  

It was extremely difficult to find registered stock here locally, this part of Tennessee is loaded with goats, particularly Pygmies but not many Nigerian Dwarfs!  I figured it cost the same to raise unregistered goats as it does to have well bred registered goats.  The plus side is I would build value, have an opportunity to possibly  improve the breed standard, participate in sanctioned shows and educate people in the area of this wonderful breed!   We began building our herd in 2009 and I have acquired animals from throughout the country from the best bloodlines possible!  

 The blood lines my herd currently consist of are Rosasharn, Algedi Farms, Flat Rocks, JNels, Little Tots Estate, Goodwood, Buttin Heads, Caesars Villa among others.   I have been asked by breeders when purchasing my goats from them if I was looking for show or milking goats.  I always respond with "both of course!"  It is my goal to breed animals very dairy with proper conformation that will excel in both the show ring as well as milk pail!  Of course we cannot guarantee all will be winners and I do my best to let you know their strengths and weaknesses but I can tell you what their direct lines have accomplished.

We have been showing our goats for the last couple of years and travel frequently to shows throughout the south east~ we can offer free transport of any of our sale animals along our route.  This year (2014) we will be participating again in ADGA linear appraisal (LA) which you can sign up for to have an appraiser come to your farm (or you can go to a host herd's farm) and score your goats against a score card based on the perfect goat being a 100.  No animals have ever scored that high in fact I believe only a few Nigerian Dwarfs have ever scored a 93.   It is the most educational experiences I have had in raising goats and highly recommend anyone who is serious about their breeding program to attend one ~ I welcome visitors to mine especially if they are willing to help with the paperwork, take notes, take pics or even help handle the goats! 

We have started milking and experimenting with a few cheese recipes and plan to make soap and cheeses for the holidays this year.  We also plan to have several 1 day  milk tests and hopefully one day when my work schedule permits I can get my her on the 305 DHIR milk test and I can figure out how they do it I will be happy to explain it to you!  We were fortunate to be able to schedule a buck collection with Cam Faircloth of Mega Bucks again this year on Sept 15, 2014 you can reserve straws from any of the bucks we collect and may have some available after the collection as well there is still room for several other bucks to be collected that morning if you have any questions or interest please contact me asap you must preregister.  

We have kids and adults available throughout the year, can't keep them all :(  Nigerian Dwarfs have the ability to freshen year round I usually plan 4-5 does to kid each month.  This allows us to have does in milk and kids available through out the year.    

I really enjoy going on  day drives throughout the surrounding area and usually can accommodate either meeting you or delivering them for a reasonable fee, but we always welcome you to pick them up here and meet their family.  We will be attending as many shows as possible this spring and fall (free delivery) and look forward to meeting you there (I will post a show schedule soon).  I hope you will check back often to see the new arrivals and don't forget the sale page!

 ***** UPDATE*****

I have several horses that are available and have added a page for them

 We are planning to attend the following ADGA sanctioned shows for 2014:


Carrollton GA April 26 2014

Wooly Dog Down Zambra was Reserve Grand Champion buck under Karen Aker Smith

Little Tots Estate Paul Bunyan was 1st place under Karen Aker Smith, 2nd place under Will Pearson

Flat Rocks Ghost Rider was 1st place under Will Pearson and 2nd place under Karen Aker Smith

Shelby NC  June 13 - 15 

 Flat Rocks EveryRoseHasThorns was 1st place in his classes in 3 out of 4 rings 1X 2nd

Fields Of Grace H3X Night Rider was 1st in his class in 3 out 4 rings 2nd X 1

Wooly Dog Down Zambra was 1st in his class in 2 rings and won his 2nd Grand Champion Leg just needs 1 more!

Little Tots Estate Paul Bunyan was 1st in 3 rings but still needs 1 more Ch leg to finish!

Flat Rocks Ghost Rider was 1st place in 1 rings 2nd place in 3 rings and Res Grand Champion despite the fact he has only been on a lead the last 2 shows....

Fall 2014

Shows in 2013 

Music City Lebanon TN

Chenango-Hills Hathor and Little Tots Estate Matrix both were 2nd place in both rings of very large classes, Jasper Pines In the Buff was 3rd in 1 ring and 4th in the 2nd.  Fields of Grace H3X Moonstone was 2nd/4th in 2 rings, Little Tots Estate Monarda was 2nd/3rd in her rings.

Rocky Mount Show Memorial Weekend  May  25-26th

We took all bucks to this show and Tevyeh New I Stand Amazed was 1st in the 1-2 yr olds, J-Nels DH Luke was 1st place 2-3yr olds,  Little Tots Estate Paul Bunyan was 1st place in 3-5 yr olds Grand Champion Buck, Best Of Breed, Best Buck in Show and Rosasharn BB Achilles was 2nd in 3-5 yr olds Reserve Grand Champion, Split Creek H3X Hummer was 1st place in 5yrs and older.

Shelby NC show June 8th & 9th -

Tevyeh True Grit was Jr Grand Champion in 2 of 3 buck rings, JNels DH Luke and Rosasharn BB Archilles were both 1st in their classes 2 of 3 rings, Little Tots Estate Paul Bunyan was 1st place in all 3 rings and Split Creek H3X Hummer was 2nd in 2 rings and 3rd in the other.

Sevier County Fair Sept 6th

Senior does :  Dragonfly Mardi Gras was 1st in 4 yr olds, Olson Aces Bit O Honey 1st in 5 an older, Fields Of Grace Heaven Sent,  Reynola's Fancy Jitterbug and J'Nels Kandy Kane were 3rd in their classes.  JR does: RHP CTO Lamplight Symphony and Fields of Grace Marigold were 3rd and Little Tots Estate DB Matrix was 4th